5 Principles I Wish To Follow In 2020

To accomplish something, Planning is Important. There are high chances that things can change in a year, so does the priority and plan. But, you should always have an initial road-map, even if you are able to implement 50% it’s good than being directionless.

This year I am trying something different. Instead of making a list of “I will do this, I will do that, complete reading 20 books and blah blah”. I have decided to follow some principles.

Work priorities can change in a year but not the principles.

Here are the 5 principles I wish to follow in 2020 :

2020 will be me trying my hardest to follow all the things I commit and respect my TODOs. Whether its health, work or personal commitment, I will make sure it aligns with my principles.

Your Life Can Only Get Better When You Do. Do Something Every Day To Improve Your Key Skill Areas.

There is no magic. Things take time and you have to realize that it takes at least 3–4 years to achieve considerable success in what you are going to start. Believing and Sticking to on things even it is not working.

Sharing below a post by legendary Indian Cricketer, Rahul Dravid.

Overnight Success by Rahul Dravid

When you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done. You have to outwork yourself and everyone around you.

Avoid things which an average person do :

  • Spend 6 hours on the smartphone.
  • Consumes 3–4 hours of online content like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Netflix, etc.
  • Netflix and chill on weekends.

In 2020, I will make sure I do things that return some output.

  1. Creating Content. Writing on Medium, DEV, Twitter. Making YouTube Documentaries of your learning.
  2. Think of the ROI(Return on Investment) before doing or committing something.

3. Reducing the unnecessary time spent on a Smartphone.

I am not a good public speaker. I am not a good storyteller. And, I want to improve this. Stories are the most powerful form of human communication. There is a famous quote: “Facts tell, Story Sells”.

Here is what I have planned to accomplish this :

  • Writing a blog almost daily or at least 5 articles/week.
  • Reading a lot of books. It will help in improving communication as well as knowledge.

This is the biggest problem with this generation. We are always used to compare ourselves with our peers.

Nowadays we see people in the 20s and even under 20s kids starting a successful company and we criticize ourselves of “Not doing enough” and thus develop negativity and Overthinking.

You are not doing justice to yourself if you are comparing yourself to some other successful people of your age.

I will keep posting and updating my progress here frequently.

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Happy new year!🎈 🎈

SDE | Ex-FrontBench | Blogger. I write about Startup, Self-Improvement, JavaScript, React and Node.

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