Instructions for Server Side App Development Workshop

Hello Friends,

Server side development is basically building an application or software that runs on server, we also call it as back-end.

Similarly, when we open a website or an mobile application, the screen ( including buttons, menus, options etc. ) with which we interact is called as front-end.

So, In this session we will be talking about building application for back-end, and for that we will be using PHP and Node. Js programming language.

Before you come to the workshop, we want everyone to install some prerequisite software, so that you can understand better in the workshop.

Note : If you don’t have a laptop don’t worry, but take one as soon as possible if you really want to be a good developer.


L => Linux

A => Apache(Web server)

M => MySQL (Database)

P => PHP

You will be using this stack, to write application in PHP and run on your local web server.

You can read more about the installation and details here.

Note : If you really want to be a great software developer, start using LINUX( Ubuntu ) Operating system from today. The above software also require the Linux operating system to install.

2. Install Node (Node.js)

Follow this guide according to your operating system.

For Linux (Ubuntu) :

For Windows :

That’s all you need. You are ready to go.

If you have any problem installing these software's drop me a mail at :

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SDE | Ex-FrontBench | Blogger. I write about Startup, Self-Improvement, JavaScript, React and Node.

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