MS Azure: Building Scalable apps with Azure

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We’ve all heard the phrase “highly-scalable” when it comes to web apps. More and more apps are running in the cloud, and as result scalability is becoming a crucial part of delivering a great experience to your customers, no matter how many there are.

But, let's know what is scalable apps before moving to Azure Part.

A scalable web app is one that is able to smoothly handle an ever-increasing user base (or sudden increase in traffic, without hiccups or performance issues. This growth does not require huge changes to the code or server architecture.

Adding instances of your server is the way to go, but your server must support running multiple instances to begin with. This involves two important design decisions:

  1. Stateless Server Technology
    A “stateless” server is one that is not dependent on any data being stored in memory or even the file system. The best example of this is user login sessions. If a user logs into a server, the server should store a session token in the database and not in memory.

Benefit on Scalable apps :

  1. No Downtime — Another benefit of using either an Azure Web App or an Azure Cloud Service is that updates to your app can be made without any server downtime whatsoever. A “staging” and a “production” slot can be designated. The updated code can be applied to the staging slot and, once you are satisfied that the update is stable


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