Review : SMS — Organizer, Clean, Focus

Are you still using that traditional, messy SMS app ??

Its very difficult to categorize your personal SMS among those promotional and spam messages. So, here we have a SMS Organizer app for your rescue.

Organize, Clean and Focus !!!

SMS Organizers app

Feature 1 :

The incoming messages will be automatically categorized in the given sections(i.e Personal, transactional and promotional ).

You don’t even require internet connection for this.

Isn’t it cool??

Feature 2 :

You can set a remainder for an event in this app.

Event reminder or any trip reminder will be automatically added by fetching ticket information from your inbox. You don’t have to do anything manually.

This is my best feature.

Try the app and choose yours ?

Feature 3 :

You can move any message items to categorized section just by right and left sliding.

So, Basically SMS Organizer is application powered by Machine learning, which organize the incoming SMS and inbox messages to make our user experience better.

Suppose you are doing a bank transaction and you receives a OTP, so to make the user experience better this application shows the OTP in notification instead of going and searching in inbox.

Final Review :

Q ) Should I download this application or not ?

Ans — Definitely, you should download this application as it will make your user experience better while using SMS. But, still lot of improvement is required in app, which i think the company will release in next versions.

You can download the application at here

If you have any suggestions or doubt, drop me a mail at or comment below.


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